Claws & Paws Bracelets

Helping Animals Every Day!

We are trying our hardest to raise our funds by selling more bracelets and charms. Have a great day shopping!!

                                   About Us

       Welcome to the Claws & Paws Bracelets website. We are so glad you are interested in helping animals get the supplies they need for a happy and healthy life.  When animals are healthy it pushes them farther toward adoption.  When you go to an animal shelter you want a happy and healthy animal. Your funds will go directly to an animal shelter near you. Check out our blog to see the animals we visit.
Happy Shopping!!!

Helping Animals Find Forever Homes!!

Hello! This is Carissa and Claudia. We are so happy you found our website. We are creating braclets everyday to help others. Every bracelet or charm you buy helps an animal find a home. Every single penney goes to an animal shelter to help supply materials for animals in need.
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